To be able to write is to be able to dream, and a dream is the doorway to ones own mind.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Second Skin

So the new module's theme is "Second Skin" my thoughts currently are all over the place.. not sure what direction i am going to take this but here are the few things which come to mind straight away.. a potential starting point hopefully..

  • Transformers..(Optimus Prime especially he's soo badd ass)
  • Masks, costumes,
  • People- betrayel, hidden agenders, disguise, two faced,
  • Camouflarge, Ghillie, patters, Animals,
  • Layers, enclosures- shrouds, vines,
  • Reinvention- Furniture in disguise, conversion,
  • Fake shop fronts, Illusions, Salvador Dali
  • Expressing ourselves physically, make up, posters, personal fronts, Way were percieved, manipulating..
  • Sanctuaries, hideouts, rabbit holes,
It's times like this i wish i was skilled enough to make my own transformer.. But as im not a skilled mechanic i am looking at this front the view of a painter.. It's going to be a tough one..

Hello Again.

Hello there! Are you still with me?

Ive been absent over the summer, but here i am again ready to post! Ive just started the second and final year of the foundation degree .. here goes nothing!