To be able to write is to be able to dream, and a dream is the doorway to ones own mind.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


For my personal research project i decided to focus on something which was genuinly important to me and that is ofcourse the world of Bee's!

Not everyone knows this about me but i actually try and do my bit to support the world around me and this includes looking after our Bees. I aspire to be a bee keeper in the future but as im currently serverly allergic to bee stings ive decided to wait a while.. you know like when the words truely gone tits up and im ready to die.. for now though, im enjoying the latest season of Greys Anatomy far too much to make any kind of commitment to a possible death scenario.

So back to the point my personal research project is based around Bees.. Not sure as to exactly what i shall be doing but il keep you updated!