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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I tried once again to catch (trap) a fox last night but i must admit my attempts were rather poor. It seems like Mr fox will come and eat the cats food and sniff at the rabbit but it wont stay long enough for a chat. Ive started looking at images from google unfortuantly and i have some i can use for back up if this plan fails. So, plan of action : start to physically produce my piece, find wooden bases for my paintings or drawings and fix them up! I will also need to look into preserving the images perhaps with varnish even though i hate the stuff.

Self promotion.

Self Promotion.
I have been using Blogger to post pieces of research and inspiration on.
I’ve used wix to start creating an online portfolio
and I decided rather than give out business cards I will give out small printed copies- like post cards of some of my work which has my details on the back. My logo ive decided to use is my signature and that is uploaded onto the blogger.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A very brief history about the southgate college house.

Ive been looking for a while now trying to find some history regarding the house but it seems that there isnt much to be found. Ive even called up the local councill for any help but like any council they wasnt helpfull at all. So here is what i do know

The house dates back to 1780 and it was onced owned by a guy called John Baron Lawrence (in 1861-1864) and there is a plague by the front door of the house which states his occupance.
The house was also used by Minchenden School between 1924-1987 and now as we know southgate college holds courses there.

John Lawrence  "was an Englishmam who became a prominent British Imperial statesman who served as Viceroy of India"

(taken from wikipedia)



Sunday, 12 June 2011

My silly Blog.

I would just like to make a point of saying that i am having Blog troubles. It seems that some days Blogger just doesnt want to let me upload images nor save/ publish my posts and when they are publish i am very lucky if they are the way i orignally made them to be. Therefore i have printed out all the Essays etc work of importance but if anything on here doesnt make sense or it seems like there is something missing- a line or two.. hey even a paragraph, well... it probably is! So forgive me!

From a very annoyed blogger...
:) x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Woodcroft Research.

So after finally deciding what i would like to do regarding the woodcroft project i did a little bit of fox hunting tonight- no luck though. I wanted to draw one from first hand rather then "google it" but it seems that it may have to be "googled"- il keep trying. However, i have had better luck finding and drawing some ikkle birdies but im not sure what they actually are so they may be completly useless! All in all i now know what im doing so i shall upload images later of the result.