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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Brendan Monroe

Brendan Monroe was born in california in 1980 and there he obtained a BFA honours from the Art Centre College of Design of Pasadena. Brendan is a  sculptor, illustrator, designer and painter whom documents his work through photography, he works in a variation of different mediums including acrylics, screen paints, clay and wood depending on his desired effect.  His main interest within his work is to show a story, he creates characters which tell a story for themselves rather then having a narrative.  Monroe has a fascination with small worlds and he paints images which show a different world and reality, he believes that studying smaller environments and made up worlds can help us learn about ourselves and our own planet. All of his paintings have dream like qualities to them.

The picture above shows one of his created characters covered in greenery with plants sprouting from his hands. Not all of Monroe's creations show connections to the environment quite so obviously however nature is one of his great loves and a big theme within his work. He uses his knowledge and admiration of nature to create his pieces. Even though the way he works isn't Eco friendly, he does aim to show people that nature isn't boring and that all parts of it can and do have its own story which he hopes will inspire others to look after the land.
I like monroe's work for its use of colour, the contrast of subtle tones
with harsher tones make an impacting piece. Aswell as the themes
and story he has behind each piece I feel makes them compelling to
look at.

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