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Friday, 1 July 2011

Mr Fredrick the frog.

So i said earlier on that i would upload something to do with my final piece as i never have done and i keep having people tell me i should so to do what im told.. for once.. here is one of the pieces which ive just finished this moment. Next time someone asks me to do anything which isnt work related i shall remember this moment of painting frogs at 3 am.

So this is Mr Fredrick. Its one of the paintings for my woodcroft design in context piece. The aim is to show people an image of a frog for visual communication and in a way signage that where the picture is there is also real frogs.. or should be.. at a certain time of the day/ night when their most active.. and if they havnt been eaten by birds- or french people...

UPDATE: My stupidity has shined through once again, over casting those little beams of hope for me. It turns out ive painted the wrong type of frog.. it turns out that there is actually more then one type of frog.. surely they all go "ribit" and splash about a bit in water, but for now i have failed and i must paint Mr Fredrick's twin brother Fred.

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