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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Sarcophagus

So i wanted to be a little bit clearer of my intentions for my piece. i am making a coffin/sarcophagus for myself and it will b life size.. thats right ive measured myself up and its ready to go... BUT if i hear one more person say "ooo thats tempting fate" i will scream.. ok maybe not scream.. but il defiantly tell them to shhh .. we're all going to die one day and if i just happen to die during the making of this piece then then its probably because i drilled through my own face and not because fate was cursing me for making a coffin.

So now thats been said.. Yes im making a sarcophagus and Yes im strangely intrigued by the whole thing.. maybe that says more about me then the work itself.. Ive been trying to find a reason to why im doing this piece and its been hard! I guess thats because there isnt just One reason theres a few...

Firstly, i would be a liar if i said i havnt had my share of deaths.. believe me people are dying like its the new in thing to do. Pehaps that does influence me.. i guess it makes me a little bit more open with the idea of death and willing to explore it,  but i wouldnt say thats the only reason. Im also really interested in the idea of transition.. going from one state to another whether thats physically or metraphysically. I also know from my own experience how much an event can influence the decisions you make and ultimately what you become. I didnt want to create a piece which was based around the whole idea of what if.. theres way too many. I needed a personal piece to push my own boundaries (trust me.. saying the word "personal" to me is like saying frost bite to an eskimo..) and one which would tell a story. I believe my piece will do this. Im hoping to create a life size sarcophagus for me and i want the inside to be decorated with a map of my life.. all the defining moments whether its as clear as being born, passing my GCSE's or living in a certain area or as messy as a best friend dying.. it all needs to be explored as it all played an important role in my 21 years of life.  So bare with me.. This isn't going to be an easy piece for me at all.. im still struggling with how honest to make it and im finding myself frequently saying "i like to read"  So if your willing to go through the awkwardness with me i think it could work out to be pretty cool :P

I shall update soon

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