To be able to write is to be able to dream, and a dream is the doorway to ones own mind.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

All about Me.

Even though i have this blog i dont believe ive ever stated what i actually do nor want to do.

My long term aim is to become an art teacher myself however i have a bit of a journey before i get there. I love to paint and draw which i guess some will say puts me in the fine art category but il try anything which interests me. Im studying at southgate college doing a foundation in creative arts degree rather then a fine arts degree as i wanted to learn other skills which the university couldnt give me. I love to paint or draw anything from everyday objects to things a little stranger which i believe my work shows. I am lucky enough to have had a few commisions for pieces where ive painted portraits, landscapes, funny cartoons and even large scale wall paintings which included forest scenery. I also like to illustrate poetry and stories and have a few commisions from this to. At the moment im not sure of my own unique style as im having to bend a bit to keep on getting commisions but i want to learn as many techniques as possible.

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