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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Project proposal. Design in Context.

Proposal (Again)

Design in context- Proposal.
After visiting the Woodcroft Wildlife area I could see many opportunities for development and even a sector where I myself could help with. I did some research online and contacted one of the volunteers regarding children’s educational opportunities, more specifically I asked if there was any leaflets/booklets given to children or school to promote the Woodlands and also to teach and there isn’t. I feel that one of the important aspects missing from Woodcroft is the potential to educate and inform children in the form of leaflets.  Also, Observational drawings could be used to highlight the features of the wild space and in doing so capture people’s attention. I think that the information given to children needs to be eye catching as well as informative. I will find inspiration for this piece from the area itself but also from other areas which are similar to this. For example, the Wildfowl and Wetlands trust who’s aim is similar to that of Woodcroft. I will make observational drawings from wildlife and also drawings from research to be used in the woodcraft area but also in the children’s leaflet as a visual reference point. For example, the booklet might contain information about butterflies and the same image used for illustration purposes will also be used in an area where the butterflies gather the most. This will enable children and even adults to have a visual link between the information provided but also the actual creature, enhancing the learning prospects.
I would like to use as many natural resources as possible and therefore I will be painting, drawing using pyrography on a wooden base. The wood and imagery would need to be protected by varnish to stop damage from the rain.  The leaflet will be made with card and the use of computer applications like Photoshop. The end product I hope to achieve will be a series of 6 images which will be transferred onto the leaflet.  I hope to have made an improvement to Woodcraft Wildlife area by proving an educational source for children but also a visual one too which I hope will encourage people to look for the animals or creatures conveyed and therefore further stimulating their interest within Woodcroft.

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