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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Expressionism is a movement which originally started in Germany at the start of the twentyth century. Expressionists aim to use artistic techniques to portray the true brutality in the world. Their paintings are created to evoke emotion and thoughts within the onlooker.

Kathe Kollwitz.
Kathe Kollwitz overall artistic ability’s has always impressed me, as has her empathy for humanity which is shown brilliantly through her expressionist images. Kollwitz techniques and mediums alternate depending on the theme and feeling which she is aiming to create however they are just as effective in doing so. Her work was greatly influenced by current exterior events, due to this her work is timeless.  Kathe Kollwitz work was inspired by events she saw happening in the world around her. The main theme in her work is overall humanity and ironically the suffering which takes place within the world due to this. For example wars causing suffering due to individuals animalistic instincts to survive at any cost.

Otto Dix
Dix was a German painter and engraver who mixed compassion and Expressionist despair to create works harshly critical of society.

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